Before going to features , let us know-

What is AntEagle?

The AntEagle ecosystem runs on the technology of
cryptocurrency blockchain which is very well represented
by an ant because an ant might look tiny but can achieve
bigger goals by its quality of working collectively. This is
what a blockchain does, It believes in the fundamentals of
collectivity. Before knowing the blockchain technology we

use let us introduce to you three kinds of tokens that Ant
Eagle offers, with services. going to features , let us know-

But the significance of our name is not only limited to the
ant, it also engulfs an eagle in it which represents the
further goal of the company, which is to achieve greater

heights and have a clear and sharp vision like an eagle.

Features of Anteagle -

Accessibility - Anteagle is feasible to use for everyone.
All our services are well defined and easy to access.As
with many online payment systems, You can pay and

trade from anywhere with an internet connection.

Full trade feature -In normal trade, you can buy one trade only.
But in the full trade feature, you can post different trades at once. It also provides a "stop-loss" quality which will automatically stop the actions when it is close to loss.
So it is a saviour for traders.

Yield Farming - Eagle token is one of our fierce currencies
which is determined to use for yield farming and save the
traders from the loss they suffer through.

With Eagle token, the interest that you earn from yield
farming comes in the form of an eagle token which can be
further redeemed in our crypto exchange ant eagle. You

can lend us your cryptocurrency and permit us to generate
returns as high as 291% -311% on your crypto assets
without you facing any hassles of regular research of the
market to invest your money.

Video Rendering - We provide the service of
Decentralised Video Rendering through our token Eagle
Ant as it provides our token an edge and security above
other tokens because it backs it up with security.

With decentralized video rendering your video is not
rendered at one server but the raw file is divided and sent
into different servers using all the safety measures for the
video to be rendered in much lesser time than it would
have taken in a single server.

Crypto Insurance - We have launched our Crypto
insurance service which is simple and logical through our
new crypto fund called AntEagle.

Decentralized Finance (Defi) is not only about staking
there is one more big field which is Insurance. With
AntEagle, we provide a service of crypto insurance with

which you can ensure your portfolio for three months with
only 5% of your insured value as premium insurance.

Good Service - Anteagle main priority is and will always
be providing a good service to the customers. We think
about you before we think about us.

Security - After hearing the ‘Decentralize’ term people
start to think about security protocols first, But at AntEagle
our all services are well secured Additional; we are also
having insurance for your crypto currency So, you don’t
need to worry about it.

Check out our website - https://anteagle.tech

For exchanging crypto check out -





Here to Educate you about Crypto market. https://exchange.anteagle.tech/#/

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Here to Educate you about Crypto market. https://exchange.anteagle.tech/#/

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